Easy Way to create £100+ Country look Coat Hanger for £20

I searched the whole of Google to find the perfect coat hanger for our new hallway. I wanted something simple but strong, unique but traditional and with a country look. Not liking anything I decided to turn to some old un-wanted floor boards we had lying around. This way I was able to create something with the right look, size, shape and colour… with the best being able to reuse existing material, which helped to save money and create something bespoke.

Difficulty: EASY



Tools needed: Saw, Drill, Spirit level

Shopping list:

  • Wooden floor boards
  • Wood varnish
  • Nails
  • Hinges
  • Hooks


Estimated material cost: £20*

*tools not included


To do list:

  1. Cut wood to your desired length. Remember the horizontal base board needs to be long enough to hold the other boards.
  2. Varnish floor boards to give them a fresh look.
  3. Fix boards to the back base board. Start with the horizontal base and start adding the vertical ones. Make sure you use a spirit level to keep it straight.
  4. Attach hooks to the boards.

Tip: Use as many hooks as you want. You can mix& match big and small hooks. I have used 6 large hooks and added a small horse shoe hanger to the middle as a feature. When positioning the hooks, don’t be too precise and vary the heights, this will give a rustic finished look, as well as being practical for coats of different lengths.



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