Make Your Own Wooden Rustic Statement Clock

Wooden rustic clocks continue to be so popular year after year. They can make a statement in your kitchen, living room, office or can be the perfect gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

These clocks are made from solid wood re-purposed electrical cable drum spools, each one unique and full of rustic character. Handmade to perfection, you can own one with the click of a button or you can attempt to make your own! I admit I was very scared when I made the first clock myself, especially as it was an order for my good friend’s new kitchen! I was very nervous and it took me over a week to finish. I will admit that it was not perfect, but the fact it was handmade with love and personalized, my friend loved it and the clock still has its pride of place on the kitchen wall.

With more practise I have improved the detailing and learned to work to deadlines. I am happy to give you a few tips “how to” make your own clock and can’t wait to see your creations.

Difficulty: MEDIUM

Before/ After

Before/ After

Tools required: clock kit  ,sander (or sanding paper), scissors, ruler,

(crowbar, metal cutter and a saw if dismantling a cable drum)


Shopping list:

  • wood paint (black plus any colour you want),
  • wood varnish
  • paint brushes
  • stencils
  • tape
  • clock mechanism
  • cork board
  • superglue/ wood glue
  • hanging brackets

To do list:

  1.  If you have a wooden top ready go to step 2, otherwise dismantle a cable drum using a saw and crowbar. You will need a metal cutter to get the metal rings and screws off. Then shorten the metal bars.

2)  Sand the top with a sander or sanding paper. The more time spend sanding, the better the result.

3)  The sanded top will need some paint, varnish or both. Choose any colour of your choice. Make all planks in the same colour or all different and do at least two coats.

4)  Stencils: this is the tricky bit. I found spray painting was hard work. Although I have taped them properly to the wood and covered the outside area I could not get nice sharp details without any overruns.

You can buy numeral stencils or simply print your own. It is extra work to make your own as you have to cut them to size, but you get the exact font and size you want. Tape them in place and draw the outlines with a pencil. Once done I go around again and to the same with a black paint using a very thin brush. Then I fill in the middle and remove the stencils very carefully. You may need a little retouch and add a border or text if you want them personalised.

5)  Cut a circle from the corkboard to fit the middle hole for the mechanism and paint it black. Make a small hole in the middle and increase its size to be able to push the mechanism through.

6)  Glue in the rings with screws.

7)  Add a coat of a clear varnish to seal the clock and give it a bit of shine and protection.


8) Apply the clock arms and a battery.

9)  Think about how you are going to hang the clock. There are several brackets and hooks on the market, but I recommend interlock flush mounts as the clock is quite heavy.

Well done! You have got your own handmade clock!

I am here for you if you would rather buy one than make your own.

Just visit my shop.

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