Add Retro Look to your Garden with Old School Deck Chairs

My mother in law donated to us a couple of very old 1920’s- 1930's classic British retro deck chairs, which were as old as they looked. They sat in her shed for years, but she didn't want to throw them away, because they had a personal value being originally from her parents'.

Why would you? Make them look like brand new!

All they needed was a little bit of sanding, painting and a replacement of fabric.
I fell in love with them straight away and couldn’t wait to give them a new look, perfect to display at our garden BBQ - right by the pool!

Our friends loved them and couldn't believe they may be 100 years old?!

Difficulty: EASY




Tools required: sander, heavy duty staple gun

Shopping list:

  • Shopping list:
  • Wood paint
  • Brush
  • 1 x PVC Replacement fabric £6.99 (Ebay)

Material cost: under £20

* excluding tools

To do list:

  1. Remove old fabric
  2. Give the wood a quick sand
  3. Paint the wood
  4. Attach the new fabric to one end. I used a heavy duty staple gun.
  5. Cut the excess fabric and staple the second end leaving enough fabric to sit on

Tip: Buy enough fabric to wrap the ends around the wood at both sides at least once for an extra support.

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