I am Teri and I love everything about DIY and home design. My husband Steve and I lived in a rented accommodation for years and moved so many times that we can’t even remember the postcodes...

Our dream was to get on the property ladder and with the help of our parents we managed to put a deposit together and about fifty viewings later (October 2015) purchased our first property together,

Our 1st place

It was a lovely 3-bed semi-detached house in Newbury, Berkshire needing a complete redecoration from its 1960’s look. Without any previous experience in house renovation we were both nervous, but also very excited all at once.

Learn as you go

With a small budget, both working full-time and minimum holidays, we spent all our free time researching and learning how to do (and not do!) things. Working evenings and weekends we became builders, painters, decorators, interior designers and transformed the first house into our dream home in just six months!

Hungry for more

Two years later, enjoying DIY so much and having to learn a lot about it, we decided to sell it and take on another – bigger project. This was mainly thanks to great re-mortgaging rates and the current housing market. We sold our first place for 80 thousand pounds more than we bought it which left us with a good profit to do the work ourselves.

Our 2nd place

This 3-bed link detached house needed a lot more work than expected. It was a harder journey and although there were times we wanted to give up (and I did cry once), we absolutely loved our new challenge. We worked very hard and with help of the right trades people, family and friends finished in just nine months.

So, here I am

Thanks to our renovation experiences with two properties I have found a new, creative way to express myself. Because everyone loved what we did and many started asking us for help with their projects, I have decided to create this website. Documenting our own journey throughout with pictures and videos I am happy to share our expertise& knowledge here and help you to MAKE OLD NEW.

And now it is your turn!

If you already have a small or big DIY project or are thinking to starting one and have any questions– just ask! YOU are what makes this blog so much fun to write and I appreciate all the love and support.

Thank you,



Teri Forsgren

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