Beautiful Breakfast Bar Light with a feature in 5 minutes

There is a great selection of breakfast bar lights on the internet and the industrial kitchen lights still seem to be the most popular. Our breakfast bar is quite long therefore we needed something lightweight and thin so you can sit behind the bar comfortably.  You don’t want to have the light in your face and most importantly, bang your head on a light when getting up from your comfy bar chair.

Steve liked the look of having just a simple set of vintage style light bulbs without any lampshades hanging down on cables with a brass finish. He was on a mission to find a set, consisting of 5 bulbs and in the end had to order from China.  Once installed the light looked great but we had an even better idea. On our honeymoon trip to the coast of Devon we found a large piece of a driftwood on the beach. We liked it and saved it for one of our house project ideas like this one. We simple tangled the long hanging cables around the wood and made it the perfect light feature everyone admires.

Difficulty: EASY



Shopping list:

  • Light £48 + £30 shipping
  • Bulbs £7 each x 5


Estimated material cost: £113

To do list:

  1. Find the perfect light
  2. If you are not qualified electrician find one to install it
  3. Add a special feature such as a drift wood which is light and ornamental

Tip: Make sure you buy the correct bulbs for your new light (these can be quiet expensive!), checking the correct strength (Watts), type and base. You want to create a nice and calm ambience in your kitchen.

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