Decking Benches made from Pallets

The previous project of an open fire area looked great, but we didn’t know what to do about the raised hill behind it. There was also a big tree trunk – impossible to cut or remove. We needed to cover this ugly space and make a good use of it.

Ideally a seating area where we can be close to the fire and relax. Having some spare pallets in the garage, we thought these would be perfect for creating a sturdy structure. Then all we had to do was to cover with decking planks, perfect.

Difficulty: MEDIUM



Tools required*: fork, rake, drill, spirit level, cutting table, miter saw, hand saw, tape measure


Shopping list:

  • 3 old pallets
  • Old bricks and stones
  • Black anti-protective sheet
  • 11 long planks of decking wood
  • Decking stain
  • Paint brush
  • Decking screws
  • Two or three ice lollies


Project cost: 0 for pallets.

Decking cost (wood, screws, paint…) will be concluded in the part 3: Decking area (coming soon!)

*excluding tools

To do list:

Prepare the area

  • Prepare the area using a garden fork and rake creating a nice, straight, leveled trench for pallets.
  • Cover the whole area with the black protective sheet to stop weeds growing through.

Build a structure from pallets.

  • Cut pallets in half. Remove the back wood from one part (those to be set on top) to allow it to sit flush on the adjacent pallet.
  • Position both parts correctly to create 45 degree angle seat. The top part will rest on the hill supported with bricks and stones.
  • Drill both parts together and do the same thing with the other pallets drilling them all together to make the base strong.

Apply decking boards

  • Once you are happy with the structure start applying decking wood from the top to the bottom leaving a small 5-6mm gap between boards (this is where the ice lolly stick comes handy). Use the spirit level to make sure all boards are straight. We drilled in screws on each end and in the middle.
  • Paint boards with decking stain to protect it and give it a colour.

Next time we talk about the main part of this garden project – Build your own Garden Decking Area

Tip: We have used two long boards just above the pallets to support the fence behind, so that if people lean back when sitting, they will not apply pressure on the fence itself. This also give the seating a nice bench look.

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