10 Great Ideas for Up-cycling Electric Cable Drums

Cable table, wooden reel, drum, yo-yo…they are called by different names. Very hard to find and some really heavy-  in excellent solid wood quality. They were of a good use in the past and now no longer needed…why? It was a love at first sight when I got my first drum and couldn’t wait to make a table out of it. Knowing this funky pieces much better now I have discovered a lot more ideas what you can do with them. Here are some of my favourite. Please inspire yourself and make sure to get your own.

1.Farmhouse Wall Clock

Simply plain or painted, with a print or without…the top of a large table will make a beautiful statement in your home.

 2. Table

As they come in different sizes they are perfect for any generation. Be artistic – keep the original colour or paint them. Add accessories such a candle holders or rope. Create your unique artwork on the top with a mosaic, tiles, glass, stencils, corks, etc…


3. Bookshelf

No more boring bookcases. This one is so classy and if you are DIY friendly add a rotating wheel to the bottom so you can turn them around.

Just add shelving to your table and you have got 2 in 1! Watch this video of my own project: https://youtu.be/Zsmuz9dq9RU

We have opened the inside of the drum to create a secret hidden bar area hiding behind the magazines – perfect as a “mancave”. Your friends will be well impressed!

4. Half table

Looking for an original entrance for your home? Cut one cable table in half and you have got it! Keep it plain or paint in any colour you like.

Also perfect idea for your rustic look bedside table.

5. Garden planter

This planter will definitely add a vintage look to your garden. They are strong and sturdy to keep outside for a long time.

6. Kids playground

Children will love their new secret world for toys, cars, tractors, dinosaurs – anything you can think of!

You can an artificial grass or a PVC sheet on the top for extra protection.

7. Display cabinet

Want an original display stand at home or are you trying to attract your customers? Use the cable table as a simple display cabinet.

It will attract attention and look fabulous when you put one on the top of each other.

8. Seat

Doesn’t look comfy but it definitely looks cool! If you feel very creative turn them into a rocking chair!

9. Industrial table top with metal legs

If you prefer more industrial look to your table with a sleek skinny legs use just the table top reel and add metal legs.

10. Wallboard with shelves/ headboard

Give your boring bed or an empty wall a fantastic farmhouse look with a large electrical table top headboard.



Make your own:

Now you have all these great ideas it is time to get your own cable drum and start your up-cycling project.

Visit my shop to order yours or contact me to find out what sizes are available.

For more help with your project read: How to Up-cycle a Cable Table Drum

I promise you will have a fun!

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