Top Colour for your Living Room?

Yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy…

These are reasons why I picked bright yellow as the main colour for our living room. Being the first room you see when walking into the house you want (and your visitors) to feel welcoming and happy.

My husband and family were slightly sceptical about it, but I knew this was the perfect colour choice. Transforming the 1960’s wallpapered walls into a nice and bright yellow colour scheme (with the correct furniture and accessories) creating the happy place where you want to spend time and relax.

What do you think?

Difficulty: MEDIUM



Shopping list:

  • Yellow Paint – the colour was called Happy Daze made by Crown covering 14 sq. metres per 1 Ltr @ £13.75 per 1 Ltr.
  • White paint for ceilings – use a better quality paint (see my tips)
  • Set of paint brushes (from £2 per set)
  • Small roller with long handle for awkward spaces like corners and radiators (from £3 per set)
  • Set of big rollers with holders and trays (from £7 per set)
  • Protective sheets (from £5 per pack)
  • Masking tape (£5 for 6 rolls of 24 x 50mm)

Material cost: depends on the paint coverage.

To do list:

  1. Prepare walls for painting by removing wallpaper and all uneven surfaces.
  2. Wipe walls with sugar soap.
  3. Cover the area using paint sheets or old sheets.
  4. Paint the sealing white first even if it is already white. You will see the difference once you use a fresh coat of brilliant white. Always do two coats. Use a smaller brush for the edges and roller for the main area.
  5. Use mini colour testers to find the right shade of your favourite colour. I remember trying about 15 different mini colour testers to decide on the winning one. These are great, cheap and easy to use, but remember not to test them on a visible wall area (especially when you decide on a stronger colour) as it will take you a few repaints to cover it afterwards.
  6. When the ceiling is completely dry tape the top edges to protect the white. Make sure to tape all windows, skirting boards, electric sockets and switches. It will save you time to clean it after.
  7. Paint the main colour. Again, use a small brush and small rollers for edges and big rollers for the main area, do the second coat once the first one is completely dry.
  8. Drying times of standard paints are usually 2-4 hours and re-coatable in 4 hours depending on a weather conditions.
  9. Remove tapes when the paint is completely dry.


Some brands offer “Easy – One coat” paints to save you time doing more coats. There are more expensive and I did find that you maybe save a time, but spend more money as one pot may be not enough.

If you are planning to do more painting projects buy a large white paint bucket. You will always need it for base coat or ceilings. get the desired colour finish. Use frog tape for glass rather than masking tape. Although it is more expensive it will save you lots of time peeling old tape from glass.


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