3D Wall Decor Ideas Worth Trying

Looking for a beautiful and original wall decoration, but not sure exactly what you want? If you can't decide about what theme or picture to choose and bored of canvas, maybe it is time to try something different like a 3D art! It is definitely the way forward not only in technology, engineering, fashion, but also in architecture and home design.

Sometimes I feel like 3D decor tells a story, interacts with you and helps to bring the whole room back to life. There are some fantastic wall decor ideas out there such as letters, flowers, trees, maps, objects...I absolutely love the big wooden animal heads, but they may not be for everyone - can't imagine my husband's face if I hang a wooden antelope's head in our hallway...


One of the designs that took my breath away are these beautiful pair of angel wings. It was the perfect fit for our guest bedroom, decorating it in an elegant style with grey walls and fancy silver & gold wallpaper on the feature wall. The wings are made out of resin and come in three colours: antique gold, silver and cream.

With small flecks and hints of green and bronze colours throughout and a shabby antiqued distressed finish it really makes them look like expensive, beautiful vintage pieces. Angel wings also spread calm, a peaceful atmosphere, so are just perfect for some stylish bedroom décor. We have received so many compliments from our guests that I am now offering them in my shop. Therefore if you are looking for something "different" - you may just find it!

Be adventurous – it is definitely worth experimenting with 3D decor this year.


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