Make Easy And Free Wood Storage From Old Pallets

Getting chilly? Make sure you are ready for winter with a plenty of wood for your fire place to keep warm. Don’t have any space for wood in your garage or a shed? Keep it tidy and dry outside with a simple handmade wood storage stand which cost hardly anything and it is super easy to do.

Difficulty: EASY



Tools required: Drill, Wood cutter

Shopping list:

  • 2 x Pallets (can be picked up easily for free)
  • Piece of a plywood for a roof
  • Screws
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood paint (if you have. I found a black waterproof rubber paint)

To do list:

  1. Cut the two pallets on the long side. Pallets will normally be made up of five planks. Cut the pallets after the third.
  2. Use the three width cuts for the top and bottom of the structure. Then the remaining two part from the cuts, use as sides.
  3. Build a frame from all four sides and make it sturdy by using a drill and nails. Add an extra plank to each side to make it a nice box.
  4. Add a roof made from a piece of a plywood (make sure there is a slight angleΒ for the water to run off).
  5. Paint the top and sides with a protective waterproof paint.

Tips: Wear a protective gloves as pallets give you splinters.



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