How to turf your Garden

Turfing is easier then you think and we have learned some tricks, which can help you to tackle this easy garden project yourself. We decided to take some old slabs out from the garden and replace them with grass. The old slabs were ugly, needed constant weeding and we wanted to have more green area.

Difficulty: EASY



Tools needed: Stanley knife (or normal knife), Metal rake, Chisel (if required), Garden digging fork

Shopping list:

  • Gloves
  • Long plank of wood
  • Buckets for rubbish

Estimated material cost: 1 sq meter of turf was £4.08 including delivery*

*tools not included


To do list:

Removing old slabs & preparation

Ours were easy to lift and remove. If you struggle use a chisel to lift them and take out. The most important part of the job is to prepare the area for grass and more time you spend making it good, the better the result. Cultivate the ground with garden digging fork. Take out old roots, excessive earth, stones and flatten the area as much as possible. Use the rake to even the surface and ensure the height of the earth is on the same level as the existing earth next to it (so a little lower than the grass it will be joining to).



Measure the area and calculate how many square meters you will need (Length x Width = Area). Add 10% extra to your final calculation just in case. Order turf from your local garden centre or online. Plan the work beforehand as fresh turf has a short life and needs to be laid within 24 hours from delivery. Get hold of a long plank of wood to help you kneel as you keep moving forward as well as helps to push the grass down.




Once ready start laying the turf one by one by slowly unrolling them, making sure there is no space between them. Always unroll it the from the same side as the turf has got a pattern. Cut excessive turf with a knife to the required size.

Water! The grass a needs lot of water afterwards. If you haven’t got a sprinkler keep watering it 1-2 times a day for at least a week (depending on the weather).

Watch our video to see the full process in just over 1 minute!

Tips: Don’t throw the old slabs away. If you can’t use them- someone else will as people are always looking for them. Try to sell them (Ebay) or give them away for free (Freecycle). We sold ours on Ebay for £1 each (collection) which helped to cover a part of the turf cost.


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