Tips to decorate Garden Seating Area and Fences

Finally, we got to the last (and my most favourite) stage of this whole decking project – decoration! Yay! I always research and buy little decorations while working on projects. It makes me to look forward to the end and imagine the final look. Once all hard work is done I put enjoy putting together all exciting pieces and working on the finishing touches.

Difficulty: EASY



Garden Decoration Tips:

  • Small colourful hanging pots with petunias brighten your fence during the whole summer. See how easy is to make them in my article “How to brighten up a boring Fence”.
  • Love my embroidered cushions. The bright colours and beautiful pattern with embedded glass details will make the area to stand out.
  • Garden mirrors are ideal for creating the illusion of more depth and space within your garden or home. As these mirrors reflect the surroundings and natural light around your garden it will brighten up the area and make it appear as though you are looking into a secret part of your garden. Made from acrylic there are light, easy to drill into and hang anywhere.
  • Small solar lights look great in the day and night. Surprisingly bright for their small size and easy to install to the fence.
  • My little secret were cheap gold rubber mats I found on Ebay and used to decorate empty fence panels. No one believe they are door mats!
  • Simple wooden tree trunks around the fire pit will make the perfect natural chairs.
  • Hanging ropes attached to the front poles will add to the WOW factor!

Tips: Buy at least 10-15% more rope than you need as it is naturally retracts in the changing weather.

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