Elegant under stair storage under £250

How to fill your area under the stairs and make the most of the space?

Everyone needs a good storage space for all the things you need when leaving the house and items you can’t keep in your bedroom cupboards, such as: shoes, slippers (we have about 20 pairs!), scarfs, hats, gloves, umbrellas…the list is never ending. Not to mentioning a well-organized space to put your post or keys. It is the first thing someone sees when walk into your house, so you want to keep it nice and tidy (if at all possible!)

I was dreaming about one of those fancy, made to measure storage cupboards which you can easily pull out and close back in. There is a plenty of companies out there, but when asking for a cost none of them came under £1000. So we decided to make our own and went to IKEA.

Difficulty: MEDIUM



Tools needed*:  Screw drivers (Philips / flat), Alan keys set, Rubber hammer

Shopping list: All from IKEA

2 x tall KALLAX  @ £30 each




2 x short KALLAX @ £25 each










Estimated material cost: £230

*tools not included

To do list:

  1. Measure twice, buy once. We have calculated that we can fit 2 tall KALLAX cabinets standing next to each other and 2 short cabinets standing one after another.
  2. Think about where you want to keep what before you buy the baskets / accessories and keep in mind that the visual of the front shelves is what you want to make look good!
  3. Mix and match material of baskets. You don’t need the same baskets throughout. Buy cheap / light baskets for the back and strong / pretty ones for the front. We used 5 cheap baskets and 3 front baskets.
  4. Accessories will make it look professional. I used a wire basket and storage with compartments for post and paperwork A good idea is an insert with a door which makes a nice difference to the basket and it is super easy to install. You can even have a light double draw for small items like jewellery, scarves or other accessories. Impress with an X insert to create a little bar section.

Tip:  Stick to one colour scheme or play with a variety of colours when choosing your baskets and accessories! I used a simple, natural look with a combination of grey, brown and white. When you get bored you can just reshuffle your boxes or buy new ones…it depends how much you can spend.

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