How to brighten up a boring Fence

Our fence looked very empty and needed some colour. Hanging baskets are too big and heave. It will take a few years to grow a nice climbing shrub in front of it. What else could I use to brighten the fence up for this summer and don’t spend more than £20?

I have found some small and pretty mini pots you can hang them literary anywhere in your garden or house.

Difficulty: EASY



Shopping list:

  • Mini pots Ebay (£10.98 for 10)
  • Petunia plants (£10 for £10)
  • Soil
  • Nail

Project cost: up to £20

*excluding tools

To do list:

  • Add soil to the pots
  • Plant petunias to pots (1 plant per pot)
  • Hang pots with easy detachable hook
  • Keep watering and watch it grow

One month later


Drill a hole at the bottom of each before planting. This helps regular water in the pots and prevent over-watering in rainy days.

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