Create a WOW-factor with your autumn table settings

Expecting guests? Impress them with a lovely autumn table settings in your dining room. These fall centerpieces are the perfect way to give your table an autumn WOW-factor and create a warm and welcoming look. Budget-friendly, natural, easy to source and even easier to make. Take some inspirations...


Candles are very important this melancholic season reminding us people who we have lost in the past - family, friends, war heroes...Candles also bring a calm, relaxing atmosphere, therefore these are the must have for your table. Because we will be using quite a lot decor the best is to use a tall candle holder to keep the fire high and away from it.

I used my beautiful antlers candle holder which I inherited from my auntie. Then some home-made beeswax candles which look natural and smell amazing!


The second most important part are definitely the pumpkins. Pick some decorative pumpkins in your local supermarket in different colours and shapes. I was lucky to pick some from my garden this year.


Conkers can be found everywhere in woods and parks. Take a little walk and collect, also those still in their shells as these look great, opening slowly on the table.Β  Apparently they will keep you away from spiders!


My favourite part of the decor was collecting autumn leaves. As I don't owe a press I have collected them and put them under heavy weights into a book - like in old school days. Once dry, just sprinkle the table with them.


For napkins and cutlery I have made these rustic holder produced from hessian fabric finished with a raffia ribbons.They are beautiful, keep the cutlery nicely hidden together and with a few small autumn pieces on top, to match the entire autumn decor. I used a small eucalyptus branch, mini bunch of yellow chryzantema flowers, berries and a piece of a dry leaf.


Try make your own. Don't have a time? I enjoyed making them so much that I have listed them for sale in my shop where you can see more images and buy a pack of four. You can use them for many occasions all year around and change the design throughout the year. They can be a nice Xmas present too!

Want more inspirations? Have a look at this article I found on the Pinterest.

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